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Cleanliness - the guarantee of quality

Clean rooms are the signs of the present time. We already can’t imagine further development of our civilization without cleanliness technologies. It seems easy to make the air pure and to make production adequate. However, in reality it stays only in dreams of humanity…

Modern manufacturers always want the expire date of their products to be as higher as possible. The attentive manager will always take care of decreasing the production defects quantity. The next-generation scientist always desires the experiment to be evidental. In addition, every surgeon wants there will no post-surgery complications and patients will come back home as soon as possible. Meanwhile the implementation of these desires is already real at that time.  And the name of the decision is CLEAN ROOMS.

We make Clean Rooms.
We make Clean Rooms professionally.
We make Clean Rooms professionally especially for YOU.

Our main advantage – is in-house manufacture of components and construction elements for Clean rooms. It gives us opportunity for rapid reaction to changes in market conditions, flexibility in financial policy, in decreasing of projects’ life.

Our experienced engineers will work out both concept and real projects especially for you. Clean rooms and engineering systems are erected in strict compliance with clean rooms building rules by experienced workers who have excellent employment history.

Our specialists work with complex approach in order to create ideal Clean Room for you, because the Cleanliness of Clean Room is made of a lot of things from Construction and Projects variants to Final Project, from choosing materials to construction elements production, from site preparation to facility commissioning.


Genius lies in simplicity, but Cleanliness is more complicated.